The Future of Food

 The Future of Foodstuff Essay



You might think you understand everything about the foods that you just eat or place on the plates to your family, however you have no idea. The continuing future of Food is actually a documentary that reveals terrible or must i say shocking information with regards to our crops that are produced in the U. S. today and how big corporations are taking over and altering the foods that individuals eat through science, every because of company greed. Exactly what is even more frightening is that most consumers have no clue that genetically modified foods are everywhere like the shelves in their community grocery stores. These types of big biotech agricultural companies are genetically adjusting our foods with hazardous pesticides, infections and international DNA, not being aware of or seriously caring with what effects this will likely have on the consumers and our environments in the future. Very well if you thought that was unfortunate thing let me just say that's only the hint of the iceberg and also to let you guys be aware that what's even worse is there is no laws in the U. T. that requires these businesses to label the GMO foods. What these significant companies do is get and patent every seedling they can state, not just in the U. S. but the world, basically thieving the designs of characteristics and proclaiming them to always be their own, a procedure known as " biopiracy. ” We all believed we were safe because which what the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, EPA and FDA are here for, to shield us and ensure that our foods that we consume are safe, undamaging and not polluted. I'm sorry to say that the same people who manage the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, EPA, and FDA are exactly the same most powerful commanders of these big agricultural businesses.

This documented was this kind of eye-opener about what is going in with our food industry. Following watching this film I was so sickened on what our region has become. After all to be apart of these big biotech gardening companies, you should be genuinely demonic, zero heart and especially no notion at all. How do these people at the top just continue to keep doing what they're...

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