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MyRonda Slater

Same Sex Relationship


English IV

1st Period


There are many gay couples raising familys plus the United States although I feel marriage should between a man and ladies. Because this is a traditional way to go and the god says it had been Adam and Eve, certainly not Eve and Eve or the other way around that. But homosexuality is a big sin to religious persons because people dislike seeing same sex few marry or date one another. If you were a gay guys and you got young daughter would you be happy with your. Loved one around your son or daughter when you are not around not any you need even though he says he there for you but using your child a lot. Being gay and lesbian doesn't damage anyone or society but it does befuddle children a lot. Like it causes them to be feel it's cool to attend school and feel on your own friends and the bathroom or at their property. When raising children you will want a mother role style and dad because it is stuff just a father can teach and its particular things out of your mother she'll only inform you. Letting same gender marry will be raising single girls to raise kids on that they on since they terribly lack a fatherly figure and its likely to get really hard. Did you know 10 countries worldwide are allowing same –sex to marry each other therefore they experience why they can't marry who also they want. Although it's not really like that is not that people avoid want to see you marry they will feel they will shouldn't utilize government taxes dollars to support something they will feel is wrong. Marital life is already endangered with excessive divorce prices between forty percent and 50% of infants being delivered to single mothers in 2008. Seriously denying same-sex couples the right to marry stigmatizes gay and lesbian family members and that sends the message that its suitable to discriminate against these people. The way I feel about the whole thing with same sex relationship is that was fully against it am with the getting married the traditional method in cathedral with all your people there cheering them on. All my your life as a small girl My spouse and i dream of the ideal wedding while using men i wanted so why will people believe me of people could think same sex marriage would be alright. Another reason why am against gay matrimony, is because just how it confuse children heads girls who have are increased apart from their father are reportedly by higher risk for early sexual acts and young pregnancy. I feel society can choose to promote certain types of lovemaking arrangements and offer support in the shape of benefits to arrangements. The gay lifestyle is certainly not something being encouraged, like a lot of study shows that leads to a far lower life expectancy, psychological disorders, and other challenges. And most beliefs consider homosexuality a sin virtually every religious beliefs in the world, such as major kinds in this nation, consider homosexuality unacceptable. And a kind of way it would additional weaken the regular family beliefs essential to our society. For the reason that building blocks of your society as well as the thing that means it is strong is definitely the traditional category of men, ladies and children. Something else that troubles me with this gay marriage products is the males being gay and lesbian don't they know half of the reason why, Assists and other sexual transmitted disease are staying form due to them having unprotected with each other that's only wrong and nasty. Enabling gays to marriage might start a chain reaction that destroys the whole idea of relationship. If someone wants to get married to their dog, why should they manage to the point is unless of course we develop some organization definition of what marriage is the options happen to be endless. Gay and lesbian marriage could lead straight down a smooth slope finishing with providing people in polygamous and also other nontraditional interactions the right to get married to....

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