Correlation in Overall performance Testing

 Correlation in Performance Testing Essay

·        S/W Environment: Minimum one Internet browser should be set up before COMPUTER installation, Employ IE your five. 5 or higher, Go to Equipment > Internet Options > Security case and click on Custom Level button and make sure that underneath the Scripting section the Effective Scripting is set to " Enable”. ·        Application Type:

В·В В В В В В В В Project Type:

Goal readers: Functionality Testers

Keywords: Correlation, Functionality


Although creating vuser script a lot of data of object will probably be taken in to the script and few info values must be generated by the application during time. Consumer can not get out of or complete any variable to it. So we can write several programs which usually takes this value and output various other values once again we complete it to other function like that we can make final outcome as the worth which can be in the time running the application. This file quotes the key two types of correlations as well as the different techniques to capture all of them in Fill Runner. This kind of document can prove very useful to any newbie to Load Athlete. Example coming from a real practice:

A Load Jogger script for any web hardware was recorded, which usually contained two special fields - timestamp and checksum:

web_submit_data(" rms. jsp",

" Action=",

" Method=POST",

" RecContentType=text/html",

" Referer=http://eprumossd0010:8400/RMS/html/testFramework.html", В В В В " Snapshot=t4. inf",

" Mode=HTML",


" Name=TIMESTAMP", " Value=1192177661211", ENDITEM,

" Name=CHECKSUM", " Value=715E19300D670ED77773BBF066DAAAE2866484B8", В В В В LAST);

The scheme with this interaction is the following is definitely depicted in the following diagram:


Whenever a client web browser connects to web machine, server gets current period stamp, computes checksum and sends them to client. Both of these fields prefer identify a present session. Put simply, the set of timestamp & checksum is analog of session ID.

Where is a problem? Let's replay the recorded LR script.

The problem occurs when I try to perform my recorded script. Net server checks its current time having a time stamps, sent simply by client. In the event that client's info is out-of-date or inappropriate, then hardware returns a blunder:

The unbekannte " CHECKSUM" is certainly not found or perhaps has unacceptable value.

There is the scheme for this interaction:


Client cannot re-use old (i. at the. hard-coded) beliefs for times tamp and checksum. It must request new data. Therefore , instead of hard-coded values, LR script ought to process active data, went back from server. This can be done using a correlation:


The definition of correlation is:

вњ“ Correlation is a capturing of dynamic values passed from your server to the client.

Relationship can be done with 2 techniques:

1 . Immediately

2 . Physically

Automatic correlations in most cases usually do not work properly. Manual correlation is an exact method even though.

The protocol of manual correlation is the following:

1 . Find a dynamic value for capturing.

2 . Find server's response, containing the dynamic value.

3. Capture the dynamic value.

Particular parameter to be used instead of powerful value. some. Replace just about every occurrence of dynamic worth in script with the variable. 5. Check changes.

At this point, l will describe each step in details:

1 . Locate a dynamic benefit to capture

Constantly try to record and preserve two equal VuGen scripts. After that, available menu item " Equipment / Compare with Scripts... " and you can assess both documented scripts in WDiff: [pic]

2 . Right after are pointed out by yellow. This highlighting means that lines (parameters values) change from set you back run. So , most probably, these types of values ought to be correlated.

Tips: At times, comparing of two intrigue cannot find dynamic values. Imagine, that you recorded this kind of script: В В В В " Name=SessionID", " Value=A38E9002A41", ENDITEM, В В В В " Name=CurrentMonthID", " Value=4", ENDITEM,


It can obvious, that SessionID should be correlated....

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