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Qualitative Study Proposal

Exploratory Field Exploration

For my own field study observation internet site I chose the flea market (la pulga) found in Alamo, The state of texas. I chose this specific site because in our Mexican American traditions families tend to go there to get cheap goods. Although many people go there many of the things that they buy there can or perhaps is related to offense. I chose this flea market because it is close to residence and there are usually a high number of people there during the weekends. There was a number of difficulties with this place, but there were two who also stood away above the rest. The main points had been: do persons realize that by buying certain items they are carrying out a crime, and in addition is law enforcement officials doing everything to prevent these types of crimes by happening. There are mainly two types of individuals who have go to these types of places. The first types of people who go to these locations are mainly Philippine American. There is not one age bracket that stands apart above the rest as Mexican American groups. Philippine American persons tend to go to these locations as a friends and family. The second types of people are mostly Winter Texans. A rough estimate via my statement would be that Winter Texas are 30% middle old (45-60), and 70% seniors. Winter Texans mainly proceed as lovers and are usually there only pass period; Mexican Us citizens on the other hand exist because they would like to buy cheap objects. Research Question or Topic

My research queries are:

1 . Will be people knowledgeable that getting pirated Dvd videos is a offense? 2 . What is law enforcement doing to prevent these kinds of crimes coming from happening? Literature Review Bibliography

One of the academic journals I discovered out to be possibly the many interesting out of my whole analysis was the 1 dealing with the piracy of CDs/DVDs. This journal does not only discuss the piracy of media, but as well about the replicator, the consumer, and the technology used. That explains how a replicator uses computer software to copy the...

Bibliography: Chih-Chein, W. (2005). Factors that Affect the Piracy of DVD/VCD Motion Pictures. Journal Of American Academy Of Business, Cambridge, 6(1), 231-237.

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