Post Traumatic Tension Disorder in Literature: An Analysis of The Odyssey

 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Materials: An Research of The Journey Essay

п»їPost Traumatic Stress Disorder in Materials:

An Evaluation of The Journey

The Journey is one of the renowned stories about war and its particular effects for the survivors. Homer goes out of his method to share the names and groups of fallen military for many factors. The deaths in The Journey are extremely bloody and gore-filled, that allows the reader to vividly view the scenes portrayed and understand the true apprehension that physical violence holds. The war scenes are particularly gruesome and stuffed with death. The sole part of The Odyssey that Homer has left for the reader to venture in to is what Odysseus has occurring inside his head. How did the Trojan Conflict affect Odysseus mentally? Ptsd (PTSD) is known as a mental health that is activated by a frightening event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares serious anxiety, and uncontrollable thoughts about the big event. PTSD influences most war veterans and has to get as long as battles have raged on. Till 1980, the moment PTSD was first recognized as a mental disorder, people struggling with PTSD were deemed mentally insane if perhaps they were deeply affected. When the Odyssey was written, there were no feasible way to diagnose Odysseus with PTSD, though various signs inside the Odyssey point out the fact that he would possess. Odysseus struggled through various hard times and witnessed various terrifying things during his strife. He witnessed the gory death of for least 6 of his crew, finding their skulls bashed open on rocks and their minds and bloodstream smeared throughout the cave of Polyphemus. 123 A sight like this repeated over again many times would terrify any man. The fatalities of his men would have added onto any tension that he'd have received from being at battle for ten years. Odysseus' remoteness on Calypso's island was another major contributor to his PTSD. He was required by the gods to live with an island having a woman that he could never appreciate. He would sit on the banks, thinking about everything he had lost. 4 When...

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