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 Carrefour -- SWOT Dissertation

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January 2003

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Sales By simply Format

Melange By Country

Revenue Breakdown Simply by Region, 2002

Sales Malfunction By Country, 2002

Latest Significant Developments

Metissage In Circumstance

Leading Global Retailers' Pass on, 2002

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Main address: Carrefour T. A., BP 419-16, 75769 Paris Cédex 1

six Avenue Raymond Poincaré, Paris 75116, England

Tel: +33 1 53 70 nineteen 00

Fax: +33 1 53 70 eighty six 16


Carrefour is definitely the world's second largest merchant in terms of revenue.

Truly global player with operations in over 35 countries.

Major formats are hypermarkets, supermarkets and lower price stores.

Well known for going into and establishing to rising markets.

Group turnover (2002): EUR85. six billion

Total number of retailers (including franchises): 10, 673

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Carrefour SA was first listed on the French wall street game in 1970. Initial opening shops in France during the 1960s, Carrefour proceeded to open the first hypermarkets in Italy and The european countries.

First began expanding in the rest of Europe in the early on 1970s and 1970 Simultaneously the MALE IMPOTENCE discount structure was launched.

The Carrefour own-label was introduced in 1985.

The first non-European store was opened in Brazil in 1975. Carrefour's first Hard anodized cookware store exposed in Taiwan in 1989.

Carrefour declared its objective to merge with Promodès at the end of August 1999 with the combination approved in January 2k. The Melange name was retained with all the majority of Promodès stores rebranded. The combination pushes Carrefour to second place in global retailing.

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Carrefour works a diverse profile of forms, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, low cost stores, cash & provides, c-stores and a number of neighborhood store forms for independent retailers.

Pioneer of hypermarket format. All hypermarkets trade beneath the Carrefou banner worldwide. Together with the opportunities intended for hypermarket openings in produced markets delaying, Carrefour's technique is to use the format to ascertain itself in emerging marketplaces around the world.

Supermarkets trade under a number of fascias, though Champion is the most important.

Discount shops are managed by Vida. Dia is currently seen as a crucial brand pertaining to Carrefour's future growth. Given the success of the Dia structure with its excessive profitability levels, it is not amazing that Carrefour is putting more focus on the low cost banner to be able to grow internationally – specially in South America and Asia.

The strategy is to set up all these key formats (hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount stores) in all countries.

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Product sales By File format, 2002

Cash & Bears


Grocery stores &









Carrefour by simply


Forms: Hypermarkets,

supermarkets, lower price stores, c-

stores, cash & provides, independent

retailers, forecourt stores

Number of stores:

2002 retail sales:


Formats: Hypermarkets,

grocery stores, discount retailers

No . of stores:

2002 selling sales:


Forms: Hypermarkets,

supermarkets, c-stores, cash &


No . of stores:

2002 selling sales:


Platforms: Hypermarkets,


No . of retailers: 76

2002 retail sales: €0. 8 billion

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by Country: South America


Platforms: Hypermarkets

Number of shops: 8

2002 retail revenue: €0. two billion

Dominican Republic

Platforms: Hypermarkets

No . of retailers: 1

2002 retail product sales: €0. 1 billion


Formats: Hypermarkets

No ....