Living the American Dream in Packingtown, Chicago

 Living the American Dream in Packingtown, Chicago Essay

Some books and performs portray the effects that happen when people pursue their own personal great at the expense from the common very good of the group or perhaps society. Select a novel or perhaps play, and write a well-organized essay that explains how the interests of your character or group of heroes conflict together with the common very good and produce dire implications for another group or society. Avoid plan summary.

Conflicting Interests

Various immigrants are moving towards the United States inside the early 1900's with the expectations of living the " American Dream. " Nevertheless , that shimmering American life-style is merely a distant ideal for the migrants living in Packingtown, the Lithuanian meatpacking region of Chicago, il. Upton Sinclair's The New world portrays lifestyle through the eyes of a poor workingman attempting to survive through this cruel environment, where the desire to have profit among the list of capitalist meatpacking bosses as well as the criminals makes the lives from the working school a nearly unendurable struggle intended for survival.

To begin with, life among the list of working course sways while using corruption among the meatpacking bosses, or packers, and the criminals. Residents of Packingtown need to have money to pay the inflated rates of food and shield in order to make it through the cold winters of Chicago. Jurgis, the leading part of the book, being a big, strong, child, has no difficulty acquiring work in the beginning with the novel. He could be prime materials for the packers in the industry. Jurgis can keep plan the outrageously strenuous speed set by the packers to obtain as much profit as possible out of their staff. However , Jurgis's father, Dede Antanas, as an old, frail man, problems to find operate order to support the large relatives, but his share of income is necessary non-etheless. One of the packers sees the old mans need for work and makes him an offer. In the event Antanas can pay one third of his wages to this packer, then this individual has found a job. This sort of exploitation runs uncontrolled throughout the...

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