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This case study investigates the decision making process of the Kowloon Development Firm to the PrecisionTree decision shrub software coming from Palisade. The Kowloon Expansion Company was faced with an important decision of the future assets. The General Supervisor of the Kowloon Development Organization is usually linked to billion money investments, correct decisions happen to be needed. The company has to come to a decision over the decision to purchase a fresh development project the total internet site area staying 16, 500 square feet. The aim is to use the utilization the Decision Woods software by Palisade, to look for the decision intended for the Kowloon Development Firm whether or not to get the property. Decision trees offer a formal composition in which decisions and possibility events are linked in sequence from left to proper the general director of the Kowloon Development business must make a decision whether to recommend the purchase of the 350 million dollar property and what is the rate of return from the investment. He also had to know set up property would be best offered developed or perhaps left undeveloped. He knows that if he doesn't make up your mind the board of owners would make investments the money for two years by six percent. After doing the test using the PrecisionTree computer software the correct decision should be to make investments 350 million. The only way to guarantee the highest price from the purchase would be four twenty million, and if the Kowloon Development Organization decided to purchase the property they will only be given a maximum rate of go back 394 , 000, 000 for a designed piece of land.

Property Financial commitment


Kowloon Expansion Company is an investment business, involved in the purchase, development, and management of properties. (BusinessWeek) The company evolves and provides residential, commercial, and large workplace buildings in Hong Kong. It also provides property management providers for the projects developed by the company, extravagance residential and serviced flats, and commercial buildings and public housing estates. The organization also involves in the house development, purchase holding, real estate management and security services, financial services, retail, building, film syndication, provision of consultancy companies, property trading and expenditure. (BusinessWeek) Since December thirty-one, 2008, its investment properties comprised primarily full shops and offices, covering approximately 75, 000 rectangular meters of gross ground area; and managed homes covered a gross ground area of around 560, 100 square meters. (BusinessWeek) Over 10 years ago, the Kowloon Development Firm was faced with a major decision about their long term investments. The General Manager with the Kowloon Development Company is normally involved in billion dollar purchases, accurate decisions are needed.

Statement of problem

The company is quarreled over the decision to purchase a fresh development task the total site area being 16, 000 square feet. The general manager from the Kowloon Creation company need to decide if to advise the acquiring the 350 million dollar house and what would be the charge of returning of the investment. He also needed to find out whether or not the real estate would be ideal served produced or still left undeveloped. This individual knows that if he doesn't make a decision the board of directors could invest the cash for two years at half a dozen percent. Deciding Risk

A structural change in the exact property market is predicted as a result of a vastly developing pension account industry in China, as there is a renewed interest in Hk and China properties coming from foreign money since early 1998. Both equally domestic and foreign money will need to get investment chances in real property. Overseas funds look at real estate being a long-term purchase. They undertake serious and professional techniques in picking projects, and in addition they want to associate themselves with professional, reliable and respectable consulting firms....

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