Digestion of Starch

Digestion of Starch 05.09.2019
 Digestion of Starch Composition

Cynthia Vang

Derrick twenty-four

Title: Digestive function of Starch



If man made saliva fights the cracker the most

In that case more of the cracker should be broken down

Because synthetic saliva consists of amylase, and amylase allows break down sophisticated carbohydrates.


Data Desk: The benefits of the iodine and Benedict's tests for the Carbs lab Test out Tube material and numberColor of iodine testColor of Benedict's testHow much is present? 0= non-e

1= presentHow much glucose exists?

0= non-e 1= a lot of 2= a whole lot

#1 Starch

(Control Setup)Dark Blue/Blue



#2 Glucose

(Control Setup)YellowBlue02

#3 Experimental CrackerDark Blue/




#4 SalivaYellowBlue01

#9 Cracker and

Artificial salivaDark


#11 Cracker with pepsin and HC1Dark Green


Analysis of the Data

My hypothesis was maintained the data. The information shows that synthetic saliva could break down both starch and glucose. The info also shows that the amylase in the synthetic saliva would its task. The amylase is what stops working sugars in the mouth. The starch was quickly digested and broken down in able to be a starch mainly because it gets down to the abdomen.

Check Tube #1: Starch

The goal of the starch control is usually to compare whether the test came out to be great in starch or unfavorable. This test was decided to demonstrate an optimistic result of starch in the evaluation tube. The starch evaluation was positive and that was due to the color turning a dark blue/black color. The glucose check was bad. This makes sense because in starch there are no all kinds of sugar, or something that produces sugar.

Test pipe #2: Sugar

The purpose of the glucose control is to find what a great test to get glucose seems like. This would check was chosen to demonstrate the between starch and blood sugar. The result of the starch evaluation was unfavorable. This makes perception because within a glucose evaluation there is just...

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