Example: 100 Yen Sushi Property

 Essay regarding Case Study: 100 Yen Sushi House


Queen. 2 What features separate 100

Yen Sushi Property and how do they

make a competitive edge?

1 . Production-Line Approach

installment payments on your Pull approach

3. Warm Environment

5. Price

a few. JIT and Quality control system

six. Human Resource

Q. 3 How has the 95 Yen Sushi House

designed the just-in-time system

into their operations?

1 ) Receives seafood only when it is needed

installment payments on your Making top quality the responsibility

3. 100 Yen also utilizes a kanban system

Q. 5 Suggest other services that could

adopt the 100 Yen Sushi Property

service delivery concept.

1 ) Baking cookies for retail center customers,

2 . Delicatessen restaurants,

3. Specialty cafes and bars which can be located close to

their suppliers,

4. Refreshment concessions in amusement parks

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SemesterSubject: Operations Management

Group Example #2: 100 YEN SUSHI HOUSE

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Queen. 2 What features identify 100 Yen Sushi House and how perform they produce a competitive advantage?


Although there are many fast food restaurants in Japan, nevertheless due to a few remarkable product and service differentiation, 75 Yen Sushi House has created its unique name brand of most successful operation in JapanВґ.

Here are several major distinguishing features:

1 ) Production-Line Procedure:

In 100 Yen Sushi House absolutely free themes are always as part of the production line. Customer can enjoy observing the cooks organizing Sushi, could make their soya sauce as per their own choice and enjoy observing train of food spinning on the conveyer belt (without need of waiter). This kind of creates a good competitive advantage for them. 2 . Pull strategy

Pull program applied by company rather ofВ Push program also providing competitive benefit to them. The...

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