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ASIS-Q1-Module Promoting

Field Name| Description

Name of educational unit| Advertising

Academic Year| 2013-2014

Year of Study| 1

Period| Q1

Start week of teaching activities| Week you

Study load| 2 ECTS (=56 hours study load)

Learning Outcomes / Competencies| By the end of this program students are able to... * Make clear what promoting is and how it provides value to everyone involved in the marketing process 2. List and describe the marketing method * Define and be familiar with steps in developing a customer-driven marketing strategy * Explain, list and illustrate the marketing mix tools (4P's): item, price, campaign, place 5. Identify abilities and failings of (the marketing reaction) of an business. Theme of this Quarter: Marketing like a profession| Goal Group as well as Position inside curriculum| Regular propedeutic module for IBMS and F& C students | Prerequisites| No website link with previous modules as this is Q1| Level| you

Program contents| Marketing as a job, creating worth, market segmentation and positioning, marketing mixture, strengths and weaknesses (SW of SWOT analysis)| Didactical Form| Different teaching actions that will take place during this training course: * Classes * Teaching sessions| Assessment| Written exam (individual result) of 45 MC questions| OSIRIS codeISBM-BO-MAR and ISFC-BO-MAR| 2 . 0 ECTS | Written examination: minimum grade 5. 5| Name of lecturer(s) / coaches| Hatice KizginWim de HaasWendy vehicle Dijk| Literary works and other learning sources| Kotler, Principles of Marketing, 6th European edition| Capacity| App. three hundred and fifty students

Language of instruction| The english language

Details/peculiarities| probably none

Set up & learning environment

Teaching activities| Wk1| Wk2| Wk3| Wk4| Wk5| Wk6| Wk7| Wk8| Lecture| 1hr| | 1hr| 1hr| 1hr| | |

Training session| 2hrs| 2hrs| 2hrs| 2hrs| 2hrs| 2hrs| 2hrs| | Created exam| | | | | | | | 2hrs|...

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